A picture can tell a story without any words.

My expression varies depending on what I want to express and reflect on. Respect for life and trying to understand the context is the constant. My internal foundation is to paint, and it is often the same symbols that appear in different ways. The bird, the woman, the horse and the tree. Painting calmly with timeless images is a nice contrast to my job as a illustrator in which tasks and topics shifts quickly. My goal is to find the essence of the given subject or text and then communicate it in an illustration.


I was born in 1961 in Österåsen, a small village in the northern part of Sweden. As a teenager I started working with images, both as an illustrator and painter. In 1981 I found the aquarelle technique, these watercolours has since become my primary expression as a painter. After graduation from Berghs School of Communication and working as a freelancer for thirteen years I started working at the Swedish newspaper Östersunds Posten as a illustrator 1997. Right now I’m on leave of absence to concentrate on my painting.

Ulla Granqvist

Ulla Granqvist